Photo Series

Portraits with Artist Brian Stokes by Joshua Cook

Brian Stokes is an Austin artist and owner of Trick Pony Studio. He was among the 14 artists showing at a recent event with Verge Art Events and one of those I had the honor to work with ahead of the show to shoot digital prints of their work. He and artist Ross Loftin sat down with me afterward for a quick portrait session. 

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Portraits with Artist Ross Loftin by Joshua Cook

I recently had the opportunity to shoot some art prints for several artists showing their work with Verge Art Events, a new non-profit in Austin, Texas created to find opportunities for artists to show their work and build community. Afterward a few of the artists agreed to sit down for portraits. One of them was painter Ross Loftin.

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Street Photography at SXSW by Joshua Cook

South by Southwest (SXSW) here in Austin draws artists, musicians, thought leaders and many others just looking for a good show from around the country. In addition to the music, there's SXSW Film and SXSW Interactive, and I found that last part interesting because as I walked around downtown this week, I saw so many people... not interacting. Instead, it looked like they came all the way to Central Texas to be on their phones.

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