How to Connect Any Microphone to an iPhone for High Quality Audio / by Joshua Cook


At one point back in 2012, I was sitting in the middle of a baseball field on the sidelines of a major parade in San Antonio with headphones on and editing a multitrack radio package with NAT sound and multiple quotes on nothing more than my iPhone 4S. I was reporting for WOAI News Radio at the time and wanted to a much better job than simply calling in for a ROSR over the phone. The iPhone was just proving itself as a real multimedia production tool and I was using it to record interviews, background sounds and edit reports to email back to the newsroom. As limited as the iPhone was at that time, they sounded amazing.

Fast forward seven years and the multimedia capabilities of the iPhone have grown immensely. You can now produce almost any simple project (and some very complicated ones) on nothing but your iPhone, but there are still challenges to overcome. Audio quality and flexibility is one. You can only do so much with the iPhone’s built in omni-directional microphone. Luckily, there are options.

This article at MEDIASHI runs through the steps and six workflows to connect any professional microphone to an iPhone to record professional audio in the field or in the studio. Luckily, the iPhone screens have gotten larger and internet speeds faster since 2012. Those two bottlenecks that drove me crazy back then are no problem at all today.