A New Course for 2018 / by Joshua Cook


You may have noticed some changes around the website in recent weeks. More than a redesign, though, it reflects a redirection or refocusing on my core work in communications, media and public relations. I certainly continue taking professional headshot photographs and regularly do so in my own corporate communications work as well, but my core focus has always and continues to be the broader, multidisciplinary field of communications and public relations. That’s where I’ve spent the last five-years of my career (17-years if you want to count my time in the newsroom) helping individuals, companies and other organizations better express themselves to a broader audience.

One product of that redirection is a new online course I quietly rolled out this year. It’s a condensed, accessible version of the media training program I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals and subject matter experts on to prepare them for a wide range of news interviews. The concepts behind the course are grounded in the 10,000+ interviews I conducted as a professional journalist in network news, the lessons I learned from those around me (good and bad) and my experience helping others express themselves or communicate clearly in interview situations.

More than just a laundry list of skills and “to dos,” although there are some of those, I try to focus on building understanding and refining expectations. A lot of that bridges back to my background in communication theory, but rather than burying people in theory, I try to simplify it to understanding where the other person is coming from (here the reporter) so you can both begin the interview/conversation on level footing. If you’d like to check out some of the preview course segments, you can find those here.

All in all, as we roll into 2018, I plan to be much more active here, sharing news about recent projects, what I’m working on and broader reflections on the field. 2017’s been full of media interviews, product launches, podcast production, headshot photography, content marketing, producing a series of live video webinars and much more. Now we’ll see what interesting new challenges 2018 holds.