Photo Booth Portraits with Verge Art Events / by Joshua Cook


There are all kinds of photo booths. They can be creative and celebratory, silly and fun. They can also be so much more. To help mark Verge Art Events’ latest show featuring 14 Austin, Texas artists, Joshua Lane Cook Photography put together a more artistic photo booth to capture portraits of those attending.


The huge crowd that evening was incredibly vibrant and fun in typical ATX style. The photo booth itself, though, was muted so as not to take any attention away from the artists sharing and discussing their work that evening. We used a simple, two-light setup and available background (we actually shot through an open door with the dark of night as the backdrop).


As the night rolled on, we also did some quick editing on site and posted several of the portraits live to my Instagram feed for everyone to see and enjoy. There’s nothing worse than having a great photo taken of you and being forced to wait several weeks to see it. Check out some of the portraits we posted live that evening.


If you have an upcoming event and are looking for something a little different from the typical photo booth experience, contact Joshua Lane Cook Photography with your ideas and let us know what you thought about our portraits with Verge Art Events.