Perfect Austin Skyline at Sunrise / by Joshua Cook

I'll be honest. I used to be a morning person. The prospect of waking up before sunrise, getting ready and grabbing that first cup of coffee in time to get outside and see the city come to life was exciting. I am not a morning person anymore, but there are times when it's still worth it... like the opportunity to photograph the Austin skyline on a perfectly clear morning.

With a second cup of coffee in hand (and a third in a thermos), I managed to scout out a few beautiful locations to catch the sun rising over the city not too long ago. I wanted to be to the West of downtown so I could capture the contrast of the light erupting over the horizon and showering the eastern sides of the buildings in light while the western sides of the buildings were still completely in shadow. What do you think?

Most of these were long exposures so I could shoot at a very low ISO but still capture as much detail as possible. I certainly think it was worth revisiting my distant "morning person" days to capture these perfectly peaceful and beautiful Austin landscapes.

Do you have a favorite place to catch the sunrise here in Austin? Do you prefer the sunset? I'd love to hear about it and see a few of of your photographs as well. Happy shooting!