14X Your LinkedIn Mojo With A Professional Headshot, or Why Your Old Profile Pic is Holding You Back / by Joshua Cook

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In today's connected world, it is more important than ever to make... well, quality connections and that's especially true in Austin's thriving tech and entrepreneurship scene. With that in mind, let's take a minute to explore how your LinkedIn profile photograph is holding you back and what you can do about it.

INC.com recently reported that LinkedIn user accounts with a photograph receive dramatically more profile views. In fact, those with a professional headshot as their profile image receive 14 times more views. Think about that. That’s a 14,000% improvement. 

Mary Jo's headshot by Joshua Lane Cook Photography

Mary Jo's headshot by Joshua Lane Cook Photography

If your company had a productivity and performance review and realized that somehow a 14,000% improvement was just being ignored, someone would leave that meeting without a job. It’s important to realize, though, that this is a place where quality stands out. Not just any old photo will do.

When I'm shooting corporate headshots, existing LinkedIn profile photos are some of my favorite examples of what not to do. There are some really simple reasons why, too. When we want to present ourselves professionally, we do all the things we've long been taught about standing up straight, good posture, etc. Here’s the thing, though. That doesn't usually result in a strong or even flattering headshot.

On the contrary, what I often see are profile photos that make the belly of torso appear larger, the head appear smaller and you're usually looking up someone's nose. Then when you consider poor lighting, wide-angle lens distortion, unflattering camera angles, obvious cropping and other issues, you end up doing more harm to yourself than good.

These bad photographs are the norm, not an exception. I even regularly see C-suite leadership with embarrassingly bad photographs on their LinkedIn page instead of a proper and professional headshot. When they see their old profile photo next to a professional headshot, though, they always make the right choice. 

Keron's headshot by Joshua Lane Cook Photography

Keron's headshot by Joshua Lane Cook Photography

If you want to stand out and present yourself as the professional you are, the solution here is simple. Reach out to a local headshot photographer who knows what they're doing and schedule a session for yourself, your exec team or all your staff. Remember that the quality of your company's staff photographs reflects on the quality of the company and its leadership as well, both on your website and on LinkedIn.

Just getting started or think professional headshots are outside your budget? Take a moment to find out for sure. You can also sign up for my newsletter to catch some of my upcoming posts with DIY headshot solutions that could help you up your game and get a little more of that 14X bump working for you.